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Interested in becoming an Official Branch?

Are you interested in entering a Kudo Competition or even become an Official Kudo International Federation Branch? 

It is the perfect time to join the UK Kudo Federation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you have to be training at a Kudo Branch to enter Official Kudo Competition?

YES, you must be registered at an Official Kudo Branch but how often you practice can vary due to geographical location of your closest branch. We just ask that you try your best to attend as often as you can.

Q2. I have a blackbelt in a different martial art, do I have to start at white belt when joining a branch?

NO, but it depends on your grade, level of experience and the relevance of the martial art studied. Kudo is a Japanese mixed martial art and students are expected to learn striking, throwing and grappling using a kimono or do-gi. An instructor will assess your application and discuss the rank which he or she feels is relevant for you.

Q3. Do you have to be a blackbelt in Kudo to setup an Official Branch?

NO, but you must be at least a 4th Kyu (Green Belt) and been approved by an existing Regional Branch Chief.  New branches must be authorised and registered at KIF Headquarters, Japan. The new branch is assigned the status of 'Pre-approved' and is under the guidance of an assigned regional branch until the leader becomes Shodan (first degree blackbelt) or above. A pre-approved branch cannot conduct Kudo gradings or competitions without the presence of a Regional Branch Chief.

Q4. I understand the requirements of becoming of getting involved but how do I register to fight or take a Grading Promotion Test?

JUST GET IN CONTACT, we can let you know if there is a branch in your area. If there is you can get registered there, practice and enter competitions or grading promotions. If there is no branch in your local area and you just want to practice Kudo then you can contact any of the branches to take part. You can also choose the branch that you feel more comfortable at or want to represent. If you are looking to setup a Kudo Dojo then you can affiliate to the Kudo Branch Chief of your region but there can only be one Regional Branch Chief. If you want to setup a dojo in a region where there is no Kudo Branch then you can make an application to become a 'Pre-approved Branch' providing you are a 4th Kyu in Kudo or above. If you have no grade and would still like to setup a dojo then you can arrange for one of the existing branch chiefs to conduct a series of seminars or classes for you. Once you have had time to study the Kudo Syllabus then you can take a Grading Test Promotion at any Official Kudo Branch Internationally. Once you have achieved your grade you will be supported to make your application.

Q5. Where can I buy the Kudo Headgear? Do I have to be a Kudo Student to get one?

YES, unfortunately you need to be a registered member to buy the Official Safety equipment and clothing. Once you have registered you can buy directly from any of the Regional Branch Chiefs. You can only participate in Kudo events with the Official Kudo merchandise.

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