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Belt Promotion

Promotion in KUDO can be made

from competition results or a

Grading Promotion Test


Above is a Promotion test in Japan

Belt promotion exam content

Kihon Keiko

Performing punches and Kicks from static position, keeping good balance during performance, using body motion in all techniques.

Ido Keiko

Keeping Kihon form while moving.
* Yellow and upper belts do kicks with punches combination.

Yakusoku Kumite

In Yakusoku Kumite the both, attacking partner and defending partner, are examined. The purpose is to demonstrate ability to control the distance, good form, and defense basics. In defense the one can use
blocks, parries, slips, duckings, sways, step-backs, holdings, pushes to the shoulders, stoppings by mae-geri.



White belts have to acquire descent ukemi techniques for personal safety. Green belts demonstrate Uchikomi only, brown belts demonstrate Nage in motion. Green belts are required to demonstrate basic attacking techniques in Newaza, brown belts required to be able to escape or perform attack from on-the-bottom position.


Demonstrate techniques acquired in Kihon and Ido Keiko in competition match with the opponent.

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